The Full Persian body and special cut willow blade wing scales (made by West Coast Chainmail) make this little guy a beautiful trinket for lovers of Dragonflies! It has a slight taper at the end of the body to look even more like its namesake. This item will be a beautiful pendant or a lovely addition to any decor. Measuring at 2 inches body length and 2 inches across the wings, it is suitable as a pendant or as an ornament or some sort of hanging decor. with the distinctive wings (available in nickel-plated silver or golden brass-either smooth or textured) it definitely shows off the intricacies of the design. The body can be done in any color you'd like as well. 


Pictured Items are made from Bright Aluminum Rings with Silver-Plated Nickel Willow Blade Wings. 


I weave each piece by hand, one ring at a time- individually opening and closing each ring to make every piece one of a kind. This means that anything you order is available in your choice of color(s) and any size. Each piece is not created until I have all available information from you, that way I can customize it to your liking so you get exactly what you are looking for. This is a wearable piece of handmade art, so while there will be potential for minor imperfections, I do my best not to scratch any rings used in your piece and to keep the look as clean as possible. I take great care to make sure every ring’s closure is as neat as possible, this avoids any scratches and clothing snags that might be caused by your jewelry.


Please be as descriptive as possible when ordering: include any preferences for clasp type, earring hook, and chain style. If not provided, I will choose the option that I think works best with your finished piece. Feel free to use the "contact us" page if you need to include more information. If you would like something that is not pictured, please contact me for information on if it can be done for you and pricing to do so.


Please keep in mind that due to differences in display settings, colors may show differently on different screens. Due to these variations, the actual shade may differ slightly from what you see pictured. Due to the anodizing process (the adding of color to the rings) there may also be slight variations in the colors if they come from a different batch or supplier. I order all of my materials from reputable suppliers in the US and Canada, despite variations, know that you will be receiving a quality product.

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