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Swirls, Spirals, and Mobius'

The Swirls design is a kit I got from a wonderful place called Weave Got Maille.  It was designed by Tanya Hlabse.  It uses a lot of Mobius units withing the design and as connections and is an amazing piece of jewelry.  

Mobius units (also called knots or rosettes) are made when 3 or more rings are linked together to form a "rosette" or a unit/knot.  There are a TON of different designs I've seen that feature Mobius units.  I have by no means learned everything there is to learn about these units and I am SO excited to learn more!  One of my favorite Mobius kits so far has been the "Ombre Color Wheel" kit from Weave Got Maille, a design by Theresa Abelew.  It made a 35" necklace that could also be a lanyard and had so many Mobius' and so many colors! 

Spirals are another neat design that have a multitude of options.  I have learned two so far. The Single Spiral (Spiral 4 in 1), also known as Serpentine, but I like to call it the DNA chain. I think it looks like a DNA strand when it's all spiraled.  However, it's not a terribly stable weave and when it is unclasped it tends to un-spiral and looks a little bit messy, but it is still a neat look for a bracelet and gives it a built-in variation.  Also, the Double Spiral (Spiral 8 in 2), which is also sometimes called the Rope Weave.  The double spiral will keep it's shape clasped or unclasped.  I think it looks a little more manly than most weaves I know so far since it looks like a Rope.  There are many variations of the spirals that I will share as I learn them. 

Rings and Kits for all pieces completed are from Weave Got Maille, Hyperlynks, and Metal Designz.

Original Post: 08/02/2017

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