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New Pieces

I haven't been too great at remembering to update the blog, but I do have another collection of new pretties to share!

First off, a tiny fidget toy!!! It's super cute and actually fits inside the bigger one! :D

Second, a lovely pendant in aluminum, rubber, and rainbow hematite.  It's called the Compass Pendant.

This third piece is called Infinity Cradle. It is a twist on the European 4 in 1 weave with beads!  I actually had enough pieces left over from the bracelet to make matching earrings and a simple necklace.  Colors would be very versatile in this piece and the type of bead used can change the whole look.

The next piece is a European 4 in 1 style cuff bracelet.  It's called the Ruffles Cuff. 

Following the lovely Ruffles Cuff, we have the Glass Butterfly Earrings.  The beaded sections are beautiful tiger-striped glass donut beads and the sections are meant to look like butterflies joining together to make a beautiful line of decoration for your ears!   

Continuing along with the beaded theme, we have this bracelet that is called the Fancy Beaded Chain.  It is a surprisingly dainty piece, but gorgeous!

The next one is a variation of the Byzantine Weave called the Olivia Byzantine Bracelet.  Another beaded design that was tons of fun to do is the Waves of Glass Bracelet.  It is another creation that features glass donut beads.

This next piece is from The Artisan Collection from Hyperlynks, it is called European Elegance.  It is done in bronze and aluminum and is a European 4 in 1 Bracelet with connecting rings along the edges for stability. 

These last pieces are Japanese  Ball Ornaments. As you can see, these ones are a good size to hang from the Christmas Tree or wherever you would like to have some decoration.  They can be made in a multitude of sizes and in any color.  They are very versatile and not only for decoration, but there are also variations of them that can be a pendant or earrings as well! 

Rings and Kits for all pieces completed are from The Ring Lord, Weave Got Maille, Metal Designz and HyperLynks.

Original Post: 11/22/2017

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