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Miscellaneous Pieces

There have been quite a few pieces I've made that I'm not quite sure where to classify them for the sake of these blog posts.  That being the case, here's a whole bunch of miscellaneous pieces that I have no current category for!

First, the Captive Caterpillar- a design from Metal Designz.  The purple rings are all wrapped around smaller rings holding them captive.  It has a nice rolling, textile feel to it.  I always end up playing with mine when I wear it.  

Second, the Enthrall bracelet- a design by Joshua Diliberto.  This one is one of the more "manly" bracelets I have made so far, but always learning so expect to see more!

Third, a simple 3 in 3 keychain, lanyard, wallet chain- basically whatever you'd like it to be it is!

Fourth, Cascade of Hoops Earrings.  Pretty basic loopy earrings, but also intriguingly beautiful.

Fifth and Sixth are both designs by The Rustic Canuck (Mariposa Bead Co) that I was able to get as kits from Metal Designz.  They are the Mariposa Bracelet (blue) and the Papillon Bracelet (purple).  Very interesting pieces, simple but gorgeous.

Last, the Kotinos!  This one has a bit of an interesting history behind the design, to quote from the instructions (from C&T Designs):  "Originating with Hercules, to honor his father Zeus, ancient Greeks presented winning Olympians with a wreath created from the branch of a sacred olive tree that stands near the Temple of Zeus in Olympia."  This design is a recreation of sorts of those wreaths.  It is about palm-sized, measuring about 3 inches all the way around.  It makes a nice statement piece as a necklace or could be a decoration of any kind.

Rings and Kits for all pieces completed are from Weave Got Maille, Metal Designz, C&T Designs, and The Ring Lord.

Original Post: 09/06/2017

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