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Updated: Feb 5

I am attempting to move my posts from a previous blog to this one. It's all just copying and pasting old posts for now and I will potentially be adding more posts. I thought it would be easier to find them if they were on the same site instead of having you hopping all over the internet!

I haven't ever done anything like this before, but I wanted to try it as a way to get myself and my work out there for you all to see.  I'll start with a simple intro and soon will start posting my creations! 

My name is Ashlee, I am married and mom to 5 fur-babies!  My husband is into Renaissance and Medieval things and got me into them too, (see the picture of us all decked out at our local Renaissance Festival!) so when I went looking for creative things to make my family for Christmas presents I found kits to make my own chainmaille jewelry.  Once I tried it I was hooked!!  When people saw some of the jewelry I had made, they told me I should try selling it, so here I am!  Hoping to get a small business going and trying my best to help it along and get some people interested. 

For those who don't know, chainmaille (also just called Mail or Maille) is a type of armor consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. Yes, it's the armor that knights and others used to wear way back when. :) 

The difference between the old style of Chainmaille and what I do is that I generally don't make the full mesh armor types, I make it into unique pieces of jewelry.  I am trying to expand what I know how to make and am learning new things every day to be able to create even more items for you.  I will post all about them here, on Facebook, and on Instagram and hope that there is some interest in purchasing. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you return to see my wares and follow my progress in this great venture!  


Fun fact:  If you're wondering "why Ash Tree Chains?"  The answer is easy, it's the meaning of my name!  I looked it up years ago and Ashlee (though it's usually spelled with a Y) literally means "a meadow of Ash trees" or "from the Ash tree meadow" depending on where you look.  So when I needed a name for my business I thought why not Ash Tree. :D 

Original Post: 07/10/2017

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