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European 4 in 1

This is the weave that most people easily recognize as Chainmaille.  It is very easy to learn and versatile.  The 4 in 1 part of the name is a sort of clue to how it is put together.  Every single ring is linked with 4 others.  There are variations that go as high as 12 in 1 and probably even more than that.  It makes an amazing feeling sheet, almost like a piece of fabric.  This is why it is used to make shirts, coifs (headpieces), other clothing items, dice bags, and inlays.

 It was the most commonly used weave for armor in the Middle Ages.  Maille has been used all over Europe, down into the Middle East, up to the North where Viking Cultures adapted it, and even to the Far East where the Japanese created their own variations of mail!

I first learned this one when I was making pot scrubbers for cast iron.  Once I realized how easy it was I felt silly for putting it off and I'm so glad I know it now since it has been the base for so many projects since.  I have made a small cuff style bracelet, a couple of variations on the pattern, and a necklace shaped like a bow along with a necktie!  I am currently working on a sort-of inlay project that (hopefully) will be able to be a necklace with a company logo on it.  My husband has asked me to make some armor for him to wear to the Renaissance Festival, but that's going to be an ongoing project for a while :)

Here's a look at some of my European 4 in 1 creations so far.  Remember, anything can be customized to what you want it to be and if there's something you want that you don't see I will do my best to create it for you!

The Necktie!! 

Rings and Kits for all pieces completed are from Weave Got Maille, American Chain Mail, Metal Designz, Unkamen Supplies, and The Ring Lord.

Original Post: 07/25/2017

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