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Christmas Pieces

I am so sorry I keep forgetting to update you all on my new pieces! I have a few things that I made for this past Christmas and suddenly realized I never shared them! Most of them are new colors on things you have seen before, but there are a couple of new ones:

First, a couple of Christmas themed Inspiral bracelets with earrings to match either pair.

Next, a variation of the Helm Weave bracelet with beads and colored rings to add a bit of festivity to your wrist.

To follow those, we have a necklace and earrings set made to resemble a string of Christmas lights.

Next, I saw a posting on Facebook about this little Angel pendant. I was able to find out the sizes I needed and made one. It is such a cute piece that, while I made it as a pendant, could probably work as a cute set of earrings or something else.

Lastly, I also made these cute little ornaments. Small, 6 sided stars that are simply hung from a ribbon to decorate wherever you might want one! They are made with squared rings for extra detail and uniqueness.

Rings and Kits for all pieces completed are from Weave Got Maille and The Ring Lord.

Original Post: 02/08/2018

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