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A Custom Piece!

I have finished a custom requested piece for a lovely woman who wanted her business logo on a necklace.  After lots and lots of playing around with rings, I finally fabricated a workable necklace!  I delivered it to her a few days ago and am happy to report she loved it!!  For those who may not know, the logo she requested (see picture) is for Isagenix.  It was a few tricky looking shapes to try to make and took a lot longer than I care to admit (lol) to figure out a way to make it.  I was able to get it all done though, mostly in a simple European 4 in 1 pattern with some Half-Persian for stabilization.  I've added some photos of the process.  These are all the same photos I had sent to her throughout and I would do the same for you if you were to request a custom piece (or any piece if you'd like updates).

This is the photo I was provided of the Logo

Step One: Making the shapes

The first thing I did was try to get the different shapes of the logo made to be sure I would even be able to do anything with it.  After that, I had to connect them; there was just no way it would have worked otherwise.  So, even though I couldn't do it exactly like the picture she provided, I did the best I could to get as close as possible and waited for her approval before moving on to the next step.

Step Two: Connecting the shapes

After she OK'd the design I went ahead and started adding the chain to make it a necklace. The first picture here is the first mock-up of it where it was all connected by a simple 1-1 chain with the "A" connected to the chain that goes around the neck (to help pull them apart a bit to get the A shape) and the "arms/wings" connected to those same chains.  This is also where I added the half-Persian to stabilize the shape of the "A" and the "head".  After some trial and error and trying the necklace on to check the connections and shape on an actual neck (lol) I realized that somehow the head needed to be held up.  It looked like a teenager shrugging his shoulders LOL!  I altered my connections to hold the head up and added small connecting chains to keep it in place and hold up the "shoulders".  Then it started to look like the right shape, just in the wrong colors.

Step Three: Adding Chains

Step Four: More Stabilizing

First look at the (almost) finished piece

After final approval of the design, I started putting it together in the requested colors!

This beautiful lime green was requested to match the Isagenix colors and black chains to hold everything together.

I ended up deciding to double the part that goes around the neck to give it a more sturdy feel and help support more of the weight of the "Isa-guy" as she called it :)  and sent her the final picture of the completed piece!

DELIVERY DAY!!!  She loved it!!

She even sent another picture after :D 

All rings for this project were from Metal Designz, The Ring Lord, and American Chain Mail.

Original Post: 08/19/2017

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